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Postal address PL 148, FI-06101 Porvoo
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Hunajainen SAM Oy is the leading Honey Marketing Company in Finland. For over 20 years we have been developing the Finnish Honey Culture and growing the Honey Market enormously.

Through the experience gained over 50 years in the field we have build a global network with the most professional producers all around the world. This enables us to source the best honey from the best producers in the best geographical areas. Thus, all our honeys meet the strict criteria set by the EU Directives.

With innovative and constant product development and active customer communication we have build a brand that the Finnish consumers greatly prefer. Through our experience in the Honey Retail & Horeca Market we have created the concept and the tools how to manage oneĀ“s Honey Assortment truly efficiently. Our strength is the unique way we link the nature with the consumer, a way that benefits every part of the value chain.

Export Products

SAM Kultakenno 8g Honey Stick
SAM Kultakenno 250g Acacia, Orange and Linden Honey
SAM Gourmet 350g Asian, Italian and Mexican Honey
SAM AROMA 250g Honey&Eucaluptus and Honey&Lemon
SAM Luomu 250g Organic Creamy Honey

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